UV Urine Detector Flashlight
UV Urine Detector Flashlight
UV Urine Detector Flashlight
UV Urine Detector Flashlight
UV Urine Detector Flashlight

UV Urine Detector Flashlight

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Where is that odor coming from?!!  Your furry friend with his vastly superior sense of smell could help you out, but he’s not saying.  Instead, thanks to technology, we humans have this: a handy UV flashlight that instantly fluoresces the source of dried pet urine so you know where to clean.

Our flashlight’s wavelength is optimized at 395NM to illuminate dried urine, feces and vomit stains on furniture, rugs, hard surfaces and more.  No more crawling around on hands and knees.  Simply scan the surface of the room (the darker, the better) and the flashlight will pinpoint where to focus your efforts. “If it glows, it goes” is our motto—and that’s especially true if you are using an effective enzyme cleaner like Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator.  Our professional-strength bio-enzymatic formula goes to work at once, releasing active bacteria that feed on ammonia residues left behind in pet urine and other organic materials.  So not only does it get out the stain, it eliminates the odor deep down within the carpet at its source—which discourages re-soiling.

Find stains.  Then, eliminate them completely.  It’s as simple as that, with Rocco & Roxie. 

It’s hard to see dried-up pet urine.  Our flashlight’s ultraviolet light illuminates it instantly, pinpointing hidden stains in carpet, upholstery, bedding, tile and more.

A total of 21 UV LED bulbs—optimized at 395NM— light up stains at their source so you know where to clean.  (Note: the darker the room, the better.)

No more crawling around on hands and knees trying to identify pets’ newest potty place. Shine a light on the source, and discourage re-soiling!

Great for travel—check hotel linens and floors for cleanliness.  Great for moving—who know what other pets have left behind?

We test each flashlight before it ships.  And as always, we stand behind our products 100%. We earn your five-star reviews by making high-quality products that work.

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Cheryl M.
United States United States
RJ's mess

works very well

Bailey D.
United States United States
This stuff really works

I foster for a rescue group that gets dogs off the street. These dogs don't come housebroken, so my floors see a lot of urine. I've used it on hardwood, area rugs, and porous brick floors. I bought a small bottle about a year ago and came back for the gallon. The smell is wintergreeny which is not my favorite, but I'll take it over *** any day. I highly recommend.

Carol G.
United States United States
A Game Changer!

Just wanted you to know that the product worked great. I’ve already recommended it to two people! After two days of letting it set and a good vacuuming we had the carpets steam cleaned so they look great and most of all no ordor. We have a 16 year old dog who has kidney issues so poor baby doesn’t urinate on the carpet deliberately but sometimes it’s out of her control. Thank you for a great product.

Beatrice D.
United States United States
Stain and Odor eliminator and flashlight

Very very effective!!

Jack R.
United States United States
kitty kitty house in California

Howdy folks, I purchase foreclosures many times I can not get into these properties before I purchase them due to court house steps purchases, the Kitty Kitty house was exactly that. The house had 42 cats inside 5 cat boxes and full of furniture, 25 years these cat abusers lived there. The smell was like nothing you could imagine to boot the man was a 3 wine bottle a day drinker, Human fesses from his bed to the master toilet, The smell was horrible, after we removed all the urine soaked furniture, papers, clothing, 1,236 empty wine bottles bags of used cat litter pilled to the sealing in the kitchen and the master jacuzzi tub.GET THE PICTURE, I purchased 3 gallon bottles of this product ROCCO AND ROXIE I followed the instructions. I hooked a hose up to the water heater with spray nozzle, brush on a stick, wet and dry vac, and Hudson sprayer room by room I sprayed the walls with warm water than I scrubbed and rinsed, used the wet dry vac to **** up the water off of the cement floor, than in a but sprayer than I sprayed ROCCO AND ROXIE closed the room up and let it dry on its own, room by room, came back the second day did the concrete exactly the same way, 4 days later I orderd 3 more gallons of this product, Yes it worked, I treated the same way 2nd time to make sure, Oder was gone, I than went through and rinsed with water and dry vac up all the rinse water, being I nocked this order down to nothing I was able to smell the trouble areas 1, tile in front of the two fireplaces and tile in the entry hall demo the tile in those areas and sure enough urine under those areas I than treated those areas 2 front door weather stripping under the door removed and yes cat urine 3 sliding glass doors the track I hosed treated hosed treated than after dry cleaned normally. My case is the worse case, I did not have to cut the sheet rock out I than used shellac primmer to seal the sheet rock before painting and the concrete I used a concrete sealer 3 coats to seal, the human **** smell is gone and the extensive cat urine is gone, this product saved me thousands of dollars I recommend this product, if you use it correctly it works, Thank you Jack