Testimonial Example Video

  • Below are some tips for creating a great testimonial video.

  • Find The Best Lighting

    Stand in front of a window or somewhere outside that has good indirect lighting. You don't want to be right in the sun because that can be too harsh. Make sure you are evenly lit and don't have shadows on your face.

  • Minimal Background

    Videos look best when there is less clutter in the background.

  • Product Focused

    We want the shot to feature our product. Make sure the product label is facing the camera and that the product looks good in the shot. Please don't have competing products in the shot.

  • Conversation With A Friend

    When you are filming, look directly into the camera. Speak to the camera as if you are talking to your friends.

  • Share Your Experience

    Describe how you use Rocco & Roxie products in your life. Others are facing the same issues being a pet parent and will benefit from your experience.

  • Be Yourself

    It always looks more authentic when you are true to yourself. If that means taking a few shots to be comfortable then that's okay.

  • Shoot the video vertically so we can use it for social media.