We Are Big Believers in Bath Time. Here’s Why.

Let’s be honest. Bath time for your dog isn't their favorite thing to do. They could think of endless tail-wagging things to do other than bath time. But whether they enjoy it or not, bath time is incredibly beneficial to their overall health and wellness, from nose to tail. Regular shampooing is one of the most fundamental yet often overlooked aspects of grooming your dog.

That’s why at Rocco & Roxie®, we’ve been barking about the importance of shampooing and the various health benefits it can bring your dog. Read below to find out more about how shampooing your dog is essential to their full-body wellness.

1. Maintaining Healthy Skin and Coat

Just like humans, dogs can develop skin conditions causing them to suffer from itching, dry, inflamed, or irritated skin. Regular shampooing helps to remove dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells from your dog's coat, preventing these issues from developing or worsening.

Iheartdogs.com named the Rocco & Roxie® Calm Sensitive Dog Shampoo as one of the 6 Best Puppy Shampoos for our “soothing solution for dogs with sensitive skin or dermal conditions.” Rocco & Roxie® is here for your dog every step of the way by providing various solutions that are specific to your dog's needs.

2. Odor Control

We love our dogs, but let's face it, they can get pretty smelly, especially after an outdoor adventure. Shampooing your dog helps remove dirt and odors, leaving them fresh and pleasant to be around. Using a dog-specific shampoo with a mild and pleasing fragrance can enhance your dog's natural scent without overwhelming them with artificial perfumes.

3. Preventing Parasites

Regular dog shampooing is an excellent preventive measure against parasites like fleas and ticks. These pests not only cause discomfort but can also transmit harmful diseases and cause uncomfortable skin conditions. Specialized flea and tick shampoos help to keep these pests at bay, protecting your dog from potential infestations.

4. Health Check-ups

The shampooing process allows you to give your dog a quick health check-up. As you massage the shampoo throughout their coat, be on the lookout for any unusual lumps, bumps, or skin irritations. Early detection of any abnormalities can prompt timely visits to the veterinarian and ensure your pet receives prompt medical attention when needed.

5. Tailored Shampoo Fit For Your Dog

With a vast array of dog shampoos available in the market, you can find one that caters specifically to your dog's needs. If your pet suffers from sensitive skin, petkeen.com recommends the Rocco & Roxie® Soother Dog Shampoo. Our shampoo solution is made with oat extract and olive oil to soothe and nourish dry, itchy skin. Read more about what petkeen.com says our shampoo can do for your dog here.

Whether your pet has sensitive skin, allergies or requires a deep conditioning treatment, there's a shampoo designed to address those concerns and keep your dog in optimal health.

Shampooing your dog is way more than just suds and splashes. It’s a key aspect to ensuring their health and wellness. Regular shampoo sessions help maintain a clean and healthy coat and prevent parasites.

Care for your furry companion with the best quality pet care solutions from Rocco & Roxie®. Shop our range of shampoo products and have an easy, breezy bath time with your pup.